The Table Tennis Hall of Fame was inaugurated in April, 1999 on the initiative of Executive Director Mike Brown.  The first intake of inductees in 1999 was selected by Garry Frew, Ron Menchi, and Trevor Flint. The criteria was for players only, and limited to those who had reached the high point of their careers prior to 1970.

The second intake in November 2005 was based on playing performances or achievements in either coaching or administration, up to 1980. The selection panel was Ron Garrett, Alan Tomlinson and Ron Menchi.

The third intake in November 2009 was based on playing performances or achievments in either coaching or administraion up to 1990. The selection panel was Ron Garrett, Alan Tomlinson and Ron Menchi for the players and Ron Garrett and Alan Tomlinson for the administrators.

The fourth intake occured in May 2014, during the Stag World Veteran Championships, with sister Chunli Li and Karen Li, plus administrators  Ron Garrett and Robin Radford selected by a panel comprising Alan Tomlinson, James Morris and Yvonne Fogarty.

The following are the members as at May 2014: 

​​​​​​​Russell Algie (1999)
Margaret Cataslis (nee Hoar) (1999)
Murray Dunn (1999)
Trevor Flint (2005)
Yvonne Fogarty (2005)
Bryan Foster (2005)
Ron Garrett (2014)
Barry Griffiths (2009)
Alf Harding (2009)
Bob Jackson (1999)
Peter Jackson (2009)
Richard Lee (2005)
Chunli Li (2014)
Karen Li (2014)
Christine Little (2009)
Ron Menchi (2009)
Jan Morris (2009)
James Morris (2005)
Robin Radford (2014)
Alan Tomlinson (1999)
Neti Traill (nee Davis) (1999)
Ken Wilkinson (2005)

Learn all about them in the Hall of Fame 2014 Booklet: Click Here

Souvenir Placemat with Photo of Members


​​​​​​​The following have been awarded Life Membership of TTNZ:

Life Member    Elected    Deceased

A Marshall          1948        6/12/1957
K B Longmore      1955      27/07/1990
V M Mitchell        1958                1975
H N Ballinger        1963      27/06/1994
A E Cheal            1963        9/05/2011
W Mullins            1963      26/06/1984
C O'Driscoll          1963        2/11/1968
T S Williams        1963        6/07/1983
L C Elliott            1970      29/07/1992
Mrs H J Elliott      1970      27/06/1998
A B McCallum    1971      10/09/1980
F J O'Gorman      1975    10/02/1998
K A Fraser          1976      7/10/2010
K C Wilkinson    1978     26/05/1997
A R Harding        1978    1/01/2000
J E Stewart        1982      15/08/2003
R J Rassie          1983      20/09/2012
R J Menchi        1992      11/4/2016
B G Butler          1998     19/01/2006
T R D Flint          2000    08/06/2019
R M Radford      2000
R Garrett            2001
J R Morris          2004
S Cudby            2009
J Kiley              2009
M Allardyce      2009      11/07/2020
G Rau              2014

​​​​​​​M Finch          2015​​​​​​​
D Jackson     2019