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NZ Senior Open
  • Seniors:
  • Veterans: 
  • Teams:
NZ Junior Open
  • Juniors:
North Island Open
  • Seniors:
  • Veterans:
  • Juniors:
South Island Open
  • Seniors:
  • Veterans:
  • Juniors:
Open Veterans
  • Over 40, 50:
  • Over 60, 65, 75:
Summer Nationals
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*  Discontinued 2010
The following abbreviations are used in respect to Association names:
A    Auckland
Aust Australia
BP    Bay of Plenty
C    Canterbury
CM    Counties Manukau
CT    Counties
CW    Central Waikato
EW    East Waikato
F    Franklin
H    Hamilton
HB    Hawkes Bay
HV    Hutt Valley
K    Kapiti
ML    Marlborough
MN    Manawatu
N      Nelson
NH    North Harbour
NL    Northland
NS    North Shore
NT    North Taranaki
O    Otago
S    Southland
SC    South Canterbury
ST    South Taranaki
T    Taranaki
TV    Thames Valley
W    Wellington
WC    West Coast
WG    Wanganui
WK    Waikato
WR    Wairarapa
WT    Waitemata