Table Tennis NZ Integrity Framework


In the dynamic world of the sport sector, Table Tennis leaders supported by an army of volunteers play a crucial role in fostering community engagement, promoting physical activity, and facilitating the development of sporting talents.  From ensuring the safety and well-being of participants to maintaining integrity in governance and operations, robust policies and procedures not only mitigate risks but also cultivate an environment of accountability, professionalism, and inclusivity. By defining clear protocols for recruitment, training, protecting vulnerable participants, conflict resolution, and ethical conduct, our Table Tennis organisations not only enhance their effectiveness but also bolster public trust and credibility, ultimately advancing their mission of enriching lives through table tennis.  Within this landscape, the establishment and adherence to comprehensive policies and procedures are paramount. These frameworks serve as the backbone of our organisational structure, guiding our volunteers, staff, participants and their whanau, in navigating the multifaceted responsibilities and challenges inherent in sports-related initiatives.

These policies reinforce our values and influence a culture of belonging, safety and equity.  

The Table Tennis NZ Integrity Framework can be found on our website and we strongly recommend all organisations within the Table Tennis network in New Zealand adopt and utilize the framework throughout their operation.  This may require amending your foundational documents such as your Constitution, Club Rules or Handbooks, membership forms, Employment Agreements, competition entry forms, and relevant websites.

The Framework

The Table Tennis NZ Integrity Framework is composed of the following Policies and supporting Procedures:

Code of Conduct            

Policy 1: Code of Conduct for People Working or Volunteering with Table Tennis Participants

Appendix : Board Charter and Board code of conduct

Participant Protection Framework

Policy 2: Child Safeguarding

Appendix: Child protection procedures

Policy 3: Safer Recruitment

Appendix : procedure for safer recruitment

Policy 4: Child Safeguarding Representatives (CSR)

Policy 5: Health and Safety

Policy 6: Privacy

Appendix 1: Suggested Privacy Statement for Websites

Policy 7: Media (Photography, Filming and Use of Images of Children and Young People)

Appendix 1: Consent Form – Use of Imagery

Policy 8: Transportation of Children and Young People     

Policy 9: Overnight Accommodation and Billeting

Procedure 1: Missing Child Procedure     

Policy 10: Safe Use of Changing Facilities

Policy 11: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Appendix 1: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Change Request Form

Policy 12: Disability Inclusion

Appendix 1: Disability Inclusion Change Request Form

Policy 13: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Policy 14: Preventing Discrimination

Policy 15: Preventing Bullying and Harassment

Policy 16: Intimate Relationships

Integrity Framework

Policy 17: Participant Poaching

Policy 18: Anti-Corruption

Policy 19: Match Fixing and Spot Fixing

Policy 20: Gambling and Sport Betting

Policy 21: Anti-Doping

Policy 22: Sponsorship and Donations     

Policy 23: Table Tennis NZ Representative Domestic and Overseas Tours

Policy 24: International Tours by Non-TTNZ Representatives

Appendix 1: TTNZ approval to travel

Appendix 2: Player agreement form

Appendix 3: Travel liability waiver

Appendix 4 : Risk Identification and Management Plan

Complaints, Disciplinary Actions, and Appeals Policies and Procedures

Policy 25: Complaints Policy

Appendix 1: Complaints Form

Appendix 2 : complaints register

Appendix 3 : raising a concern in table tennis

Policy 26 : Disciplinary procedures

Appendix 1 : Misconduct and disciplinary procedures

Policy 27: Protected Disclosures

Appendix 1: Protected disclosure form

Appendix 2 : record of protected disclosure

Policy 28 : Conflicts of interest

Appendix 1: conflicts of interest form