TTNZ Ratings and Rankings

Methodology for Ratings System Points Calculation

Updated ratings lists:

A full ratings list for tournament managers to use when importing into Tournament Planner is available from TTNZ. Please email TTNZ office to request up to date Excel spreadsheet.

Ratings points are calculated based on points gained or lost for wins and losses, which in turn are graded against the quality of the opponent.  Additional weighting for event types are also provided.  Results for rated events are provided to TTNZ at the conclusion of tournaments, with the ratings system then updated with the results.

After a player completes their first tournament they are added to the ratings list and given a provisional rating. The provisional rating can be used by tournament officials for seeding purposes. Players with provisional rating points are denoted on the ratings list by **

The provisional rating is calculated based on wins/losses from the players first tournament. Provisional ratings will be adjusted after each tournament as more information becomes available.

Players who have a final rating, who win or lose games against players who have a provisional rating will not win or lose any ratings points.

Once a player has completed enough games they will qualify for a final rating. This final rating is calculated based on all games won/lost in all tournaments played.

Players drop off the published ratings lists if they have not played in the previous 12 months, or if they become an overseas player, rather than being affiliated to a member Association.  If a player leaves NZ permanently, or is unable to play again, they can also be removed from the published listings with a confirmation of this from their Association.  They do not disappear from the database altogether, so would still retain a rating if they came back to play.  Removing inactive players assists in determining which players are ineligible for Graded events. 

Guideline for applying initial ratings for new players:

50 points:  Novice player new to competition
100 points: D Grader: Inexperienced junior or weak senior
200 points: C Grader: Interclub standard player,without proven competitive ability, or strong schools player
400 points: B Grader: Strong interclub player
800 points: A Grader: Proven representative or international player.: